18th February 2020

Native Mobile App VS Web App

A Native App is an app developed essentially for one particular mobile device and is installed directly onto the device itself, such as those from Apple App Store, the Google Play store and so on.

Web App, on the other hand, are basically Internet-enabled app that are accessible via the mobile device’s web browser. They need not to be downloaded onto the user’s mobile device in order to be accessed. The http://www.pinterest.com (use your mobile phone to view) is a good example of a mobile Web app.

The Difference Between Native App and Web App

User Interface

From the point of the mobile device user, some native and web apps look and work much the same way, with very little difference between them.


Native apps are more expensive to develop. However, they are faster and more efficient, and it works offline.

Web apps are quicker and easier to develop, but it does need internet to run once for best eventhough now it able to use in "offline" mode (offline mode are developing actively by Google, i.e. PWA)

App Development Process

Native App use different programming for each platform, so we will need to develop iOS and Android differently, especially Android where different brand of mobile and platform version that has different extra programming to develop. More time and more expensive to make it happened

For example,

Price: starting from RM15,000 one-off for Android and samething with extra platform i.e. iOS need to add RM5,000 onwards, so, it is about total RM20,000 one-off excluding updates

Whereas Web App can run on any web browser on any devices, the programming only done once for all. While for simple updates it is quicker. Commonly for front end we use html5, JavaScript, etc while backend develop using PHP and MySQL

For example,

Price: starting from RM5,000 one-off with updates average RM100 per hour.

For Web App developments, you can contact me for further free solutions, consultations and make it happened


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